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Comments of Friends

I’m from northern California. Grew up in the Salinas/Monterey area. My brother also raced flat track for a while. Buddy Robinson. Some of the friends we grew up riding with in our area were Ricky Graham, Doug Chandler, Keith Day and from San Jose, Jimbo Filice, Scott Pearson and Rod Spencer.I was never in the same league in flat track, and later changed to speedway racing and even trials competition. Did well in both.

I do remember how big flat track racing was back then. I remember Ted racing the American and thinking that was cool cause to me, it was like another factory getting involved. (it looked kind of like a Triumph if I remember right?) As I said, I was at Houston when Ted won the short track. I remember thinking he was so big and a tiny short tracker would put him at a disadvantage. He rode the wheels off the thing. One time at the San Jose Mile, I had just gotten my Harley motor built by Stormy Winters and it was the fastest it’d ever been. In my heat race I pulled into the lead for a while. Ted passed me going into the turn and I’d pass him back on the straight. It didn’t last long cause he finally pulled away and left me. I was jazzed just to get to race side by side with the big boys now and then.I remember standing in line for sign ups and Ted and someone were talking about gearing. He said he wished he could split a tooth on the engine sprocket. He was that in tune to what he needed. I couldn’t even relate. (funny thing to remember, huh) 

I had a lot of respect for guys like Ted. I married Ricky Graham’s sister, Ruth, so knew all about his racing career. I also know about losing a friend at Ascot. Before my brother and I started racing professionally, my dad sponsored a top ranked professional junior by the name of Ivan Shigemasa. Little japanese guy that just hauled ass. He rode my dad’s trackmaster framed Triumph. He too, was killed as Ascot when he ran it in too hard and clipped the leaders rear wheel while trying to make a pass. He high-sided into the wall.We were devestated, but that’s part of racing. I think that’s what also made it so exciting to watch. These guys would put their fears behind them and just go for it. I loved watching it back then. I don’t even follow it anymore. It will never be like it was back then. Gary Scott, Kenny Roberts, Beauchamp, Ted Boody. All my heros growing up. 

Sorry for your loss. But it was a hell of a ride, and you got to be a part of it with your son. That’s more than most can say…
Rocky Robinson

Hello Mr. Boody. It’s an honor to e-mail you. I wrote the other day when I saw the site. I just wanted to add that I was at Ascot when Ted had his accident. I actually spoke to his pit crew and at the time they thoght everything was going to be ok that night. I still have a thank you card I got from his wife after contributing to his fund. I hope his  children and wife are fine. I have a son 26 that raced in CA for a few years amateur ranks. I just retired and relocated to AZ-retiring at 52. I’ve loved DT since I was 13. My heart goes out to you and your family. Of course we know that the boys who have left us did what they loved, and lived a FULL life because of their love of the sport. When my son was racing in CA we lost 2 boys in 1 year. We pitted with them knew them for years. Robbie Damron and Danny Hart. Only you and I know the true love we have of the sport and understand Teddy’s, Robbie’s,Danny’s, (and all the others)passion. So God bless you and your family. Thank you again for Ted’s site —-Al De Hoyos 71t

I am from Oklahoma City and was friends with Randy Cleek. I followed Ted’s career although I never met him. I was at the Astrodome the night Ted won on Randy’s  Starracer. I suppose Ted lived a life I dreamed of…. This life is but a vapor compared to eternity….. Steve Eklund suffered a fatal injury at a Colorado dirt track and I used to stay in touch with his sister. Dirt Track has taken the lives of some really neat people, but I would tell you I would take the chance to do it all again…. Didn’t Ted marry Tracy Simmons Cleek? I always thought that Randy might have won the GNC with his road race skills etc. I had some nice times with Randy…..

I as of yet have not met Joe Johnson but I hope that may be soon as he is my kind of friend and I like his style in  Motorcycles (a class act) 

So sorry about your Ted’s death . I read all the great things about him .I guess the only way we will ever fill, that void is  when we meet in heaven. My name is Joe Johnson I was looking up a memory of my late cousin Mike Harth, I have not let him go in my mind yet. Till to night when I stumbled on the article in side your site. I broke it never hit me before , I just blanket death out. We just talk in December 03 for a hour . I guess its time to let go of him he was one great joy in my life . Thanks for your help.    


Hi Ted, ….. when I signed the guestbook the first time, I had looked through the website quickly and it had sparked so  many old memories. I have been back to it several times and have finally read it all, page by page (some of them several times). It is a very good tribute to Ted and a great memory for the rest of us (and possibly a last chapter to your healing). I would just in some small way like to add my  name to the list of people who are grateful for all your hard work creating the website. It is appreciated by everyone.

Chris Malicoat

Well, his legacy lives on with children then. I am 48 now and wish I had children. I injured myself pretty badly on a street bike back in 76 and became a pain pill addict and did a slow suicide for a number of years and never really lived my dream. In that sense I am envious of Ted. I did see the picture where Norm was his father in law. I  somehow thought that Ted married Randy’s widow. I think her name was Tracy. Sister of the Simmons boys. I am good friends with Ronnie Jones who lost his little brother at Louisville. He is a Harley Davidson rep and has a new child on the way. He has been a good friend to me through the years. I wish someone would create a webpage for Randy, I understand his father Bill has died though. I don’t know who would have his memorabilia. I would sponsor it with money if I could find some pictures etc. I know he had a sister to…. He was really a great guy….I can’t say I know what you are going through, but I may in a small way. Don’t know if you have ever heard of Mike Harth. We grew up together, raced together and I let him and his wife move in with me last year. I eventually had to ask him to move out because of his wife. Anyway, about two  months after he moved out his wife called me at 5 am and told me Mike was dead laying on the Kitchen floor. I rushed over and took his 5 year old with me while they moved his body. Mike flat tracked, motocross, and road a factory Suzuki roadracer for 15 to 20 years, mostly endurance racing for Team Suzuki and John Ulrich’s team. His biggest win was the Daytona 750 superbike race when Scott Russell ran out of gas while leading. Mike hit the wall at charlotte intl. speedway when his Michelin front tire blew at 140 and he had a brain injury and was in a coma for 6 days. He did come back and won some races, but was in intense pain and was addicted to pain pills. Last January 3rd he

accidentally mixed some drugs and alcohol together and it killed him. While I was riding his little boy around that cold January morning I just cried like a baby and couldn’t help it. His little boy did not understand what happened at all. Mike was miserable being out of the “lime light” and was ready to go. He was lost, but he once told me he  thought Jesus died for his sins, so I hope he is in paradise with Messiah. If anyone knows how to get ahold of Tracy Cleek or Randy’s sister I would be happy to finance a web page for Randy to. w/respect,
Ken Landry