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In Memory of Ted Boody, Jr., A Racer with Heart!

This site was constructed by Ted Boody Sr. with the help of family and friends for the memory of Ted BoodyJr. who we lost on May the 8th 1988 at Ascot Raceway in Gardena California.

It has been many years past since this tragedy happened but with the passing of time it has become easier to start to assemble all the photographs and relive the experiences of the long drives from Michigan to San Jose California or the mad dashes from Lansing for an evening Ice Race at Saint Joseph or Pontiac indoor on the ice hockey rink, and to bring back the local short tracks at Millburg or Auto City Speedways has been difficult. As for all of his friend and fans who remember going to Ohio and racing on the rubber tracks (yes we mean 1 inch of rubber surface on a half mile horse track it was a real experience)and all the other National and Nonnational Halfmiles, Shorttracks, Miles, TTs, or Roadraces. Or watching him in his van with his dog and companion Maggiemay headed for Harley Davidson Factory, Tex Peels or Bart Markels work shop.

Ted was a man on the go and always cosidering his next move or direction. His thoughts were of the future for himself and family and his untimely parting has left us all with a void that is impossible to fill. We lost our son, brother, cousin, nephew, uncle, husband and father. Ted maybe gone but never forgotten. We would like to invite all of our friends and race fans that would like to share your own experience with Ted to drop us a line or e-mail in your words and we will add them to the site on a page like this in the category that fits.

Ted Boody Sr and Family

The Wall of Champions, Daytona Beach, FL

Ted Boody, Jr, #12, King of the Privateers, is honored along with others, on the Daytona 200 Monument located at 100 N. Atlantic Ave. in Daytona Beach, FL. The monument is a tribute to the original Daytona Beach races and the origins of bike week.