Our Thanks to his many Sponsers and good friends

Irv Morris
Kawasaki Midwest
Kerstings Cycle
Klotz Special Formula
Ken Maely
Cemoto East
Montesa Motors
Vista Sheen
Bart Markel
Lectron Carbs
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Bel Ray Oils
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Ralph Moody
Chevron Oil
AMA Hall of Fame

A Rider in Action

The Indianapolis Mile Dirt Track

Michigan indoor ice races on the hocky rink with Bad Bart and Mitch Suggs.

Irving Texas Junior Shorttrack. Ted won on a Montesa Motocross bike we converted to the shorttrack.

Ascot Raceway: See the white fork protectors – they were thought up by Ted Dr. and designed and build by Irv Morris of Trophy Products, a great friend.

A Michigan local 1/2 mile that he won many riding for Bart Markel as a Junior and Expert.

Sante Fe Speedway: riding the Montesa 250cc Motocross bike with shorttrack tires and setup for TT racing. He did not make the main.